Gta 5 doomsday heist act 3

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Gta 5 doomsday heist act 3

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This page contains information on the missions, vehicles, properties and upgrades available in the Doomsday Heist update for GTA Online. It centers around a three-act storywith each act being essentially one large heist mission. Each mission will require preparatory missions, advanced setup missions and finally the act's finale.

The Doomsday Heist has three "acts," each of which requires players to prepare and setup for, then execute a complicated multi-part heist mission. The breakdown of the mission parts are as follows:. Preparation missions require the Heist Leader and a crew of two to four players or 8, if they're an MC president with a full club to procure certain assets that are needed to complete the Setup and Heist missions.

The Doomsday Scenario

Any other players in the session who also need these supplies will be notified that this item is being moved, and may attempt to steal it for themselves.

If you don't want to bother with all that and have deep enough pockets, you can also purchase the necessary items instead of stealing them. These missions are more structured and do not take place in free roam. Similar to the setup missions in the original Heists update. They will feature specific objectives related to the finale heist, and can be completed in any order. The crew leader will not receive compensation for these missions, but the other members of their team will.

These are the culmination of all of your preparation and setup missions. You and your three teammates will need to be in constant communication and work together to complete all parts of these complex, multi-faceted missions.

This mission's payout is divided up by the crew leader - the intention is to recoupe their losses form the setup missions while also turning a tidy profit. Players in the crew can vote on whether or not they are satisfied with their share of the take. New from the last Heists update is the ability to launch a Heist mission with only two players. In order to begin The Doomsday Heist storyline, you must first purchase one of the nine newly disclosed underground IAA bases hidden around San Andreas.

When purchasing one of these bases, players have the option of upgrading the following amenities:. Each firing charge of the cannon must be purchased individually, and there is a lengthy cooldown period before it can be used again by the same player.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. After finishing the finale, I got a message from agent 14 saying he shared the profit for selling the vehicle with me, but I didn't get any extra money at all I checked the bank transaction log. Anyone else also having this problem? Or do I have to wait for a while before the money comes in? Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments.

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gta 5 doomsday heist act 3

I did it on hard and the final payout was 1. Isn't 1.

GTA V: How To Access or Start GTA Online Doomsday Heist

I didnt get any more money besides my cut from the 1. Originally posted by Spookydooky :. Originally posted by MrTinklesz :. Grizzy View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Grizzy :. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 26 Dec, am. Posts: 8. Discussions Rules and Guidelines.Six additional weapons can be upgraded into their Mk II variants in a Weapons Workshop, and are found alongside the six weapons previously added in the Gunrunning update. They have the same Research requirements as previous weapons, so any shared option can be unlocked.

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An additional weapon is only available as part of a special quest introduced shortly afterwards, as part of an event. Most of the new Warstock vehicles require the ownership of a Facility and land vehicles are stored within the player's facility. The new Aircraft require Hangars for storage, with the exception of the Avengerwhich is stored in the Facility.

There is a Heist Setup room located inside the Facility. Main article: Festive Surprise Features from the Festive Surprise update returned for the event, as well as an announcement for a snowfall, as well as upcoming features. A new Adversary ModeOccupywas added. Main article: Festive Surprise Snowfall began and lasted for a few days, until December 25th.

Five Christmas-themed liveries were added for the Mammoth Thrusterfor free. Main article: Festive Surprise Players were given 10 rockets for the Firework Launcher and a random special top. Players who logged on on this day were awarded the Odious Krampus mask.

gta 5 doomsday heist act 3

Main article: Festive Surprise Players who logged on on this day were able to purchase the newly relased Albany Hermes for free. Players' snacks were replenished. A new Adversary ModeSlasherswas added. A new Adversary ModeAir Quotais made available. A new Adversary ModeHardest Targetis made available.

A new soundtrack, created and mixed by Oh Nowas featured as part of the update. The soundtrack can be heard during The Doomsday Heist setups and the finale.

Several Adversary Mode remixes can also be found in the files, but are not currently in use. As already noted, Frank Ocean created the playlist for the radio station blonded Los Santos Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? For a complete list of the features of the "enhanced" version of Grand Theft Auto Vplease see here. Contents [ show ].The prep and setup missions in Act 3 are relatively easy, however the finale makes up for that!

The reward you get is pretty good considering the setup cost though. This is the final Act of the entire 'Doomsday Heist'.

There are two prep missions for the first setup mission - one of them is called 'Marked Cash'. In this mission you will be instructed to collect a duffel bag which contains a huge sum of money later to be used to rescue Agent We recommend you have either a Buzzard or an Oppressor Mark II so that later you can escape the cops easily. Once you reach the location, you will need to get the duffel bag, and as soon as you collect the bag you will have a 4-star wanted level on you.

You can easily escape the cops by either calling Lester or by flying away back to the Facility with the money.

gta 5 doomsday heist act 3

Just try to avoid the vision of cones of the cops. This is the second prep mission for the first setup. You need to go to the Pacific Allied Shipyard and take pictures of the whole area including sections such as the west door, east door, upstairs room, etc. Simply bring up your phone and take picture of the required place.

You will see little camera icons on your mini-map showing the location of the places you need to take the pictures of. After taking a picture you simply send it to Lester. Once you're done, you can leave the area to complete the prep mission.

This mission is tough, but not as tough as some make it to be. Make sure you have a full stock of snacks and armor, and you'll also need an Armored Kumara and a mini-gun super important.

Armored Kumara will make this mission a cake walk for you. Before heading to the shipyard, ask your friend to sit with you in your Armored Kumara.

It will make it much more convenient to go through this mission. Head over to the shipyard and when you get there, you will immediately enter a gun fight. Take out all the enemies outside and then head inside the warehouse through the big north entrance.

Stay inside your vehicle and take out all the enemies. Once you've killed them all, head over to Agent 14 and a cut scene will play, showing AI Juggernauts appearing from the north entrance you entered from.

Quickly take cover by the wooden planks on the left hand side and switch to your mini-gun. The Juggernauts are going to be invisible so switch to your thermal vision don't worry it will be available once the Juggernauts arrive and take them out using your mini-gun.

An essential tip here is that you need to stay behind the wooden planks and slightly move towards the edge, just enough so that you can see the Juggernauts and aim at them. Another trick is that you will be able to shoot through the planks you're taking cover behind, and this way the Juggernauts will not shoot at you, since they cannot see you. Aim at their heads and shoot. They should die after seconds. Be very careful not to go in front of them though, as they will insta-kill you and are extremely powerful.

As soon as you've killed all three of them, quickly switch to a normal gun, run past the planks and you should see a door to your left. Go through it and go all the way to the end of the warehouse as four more Juggernauts will spawn at the back. Ask your friend to stay in cover to avoid getting shot at. The Juggernauts will be focused on your friend, so you can go behind and take them out easily. They will see you if you are not in cover though, so still take them out while in cover.

After killing these Juggernauts some more enemies are going to come through helicopters. Quickly head back into your Armored Kumara and ask your friend to do the same.

Once inside, take out the incoming enemies and drive to the next point. As you head over to the next area while clearing all the enemies, two more Juggernauts will spawn.Unlike previous Heists, all missions in the Doomsday Heist can be completed with a minimum of two players as opposed to the original Heists, which required four, with the exception of the Fleeca Joballowing a larger payout during the Finale of each Act if played with fewer players.

Also unlike previous Heists, Prep Jobs are featured in the three acts of the Doomsday Heists: These are required in order to progress to the Setup missions. You can only steal equipment from other Heist crews when they have the same Prep jobs available and are in the same Act of the Doomsday Heist. The players must arrive at a specified location and steal a seemly unguarded cash bag. The wanted level must then be evaded before the players can deliver the bag back to the facility.

Players must head to Pacific Allied Shipyard and when entering the vicinity, they may randomly get a 1-star wanted level and must lose it before progressing.

When Lester has all the required photos, players must leave the area and the prep concludes once everyone left the area. Players are tasked to steal a Chernobog in a Merryweather Training Site, where the Chernobog, Merryweather Mesas, and a Rhino Tank will be found along with around 10 enemies guarding the area. Upon arrival, all must be killed, and two of the enemies will have one Railgun each unobtainable.

Once all mercenaries are dead, the Chernobog's driver will run away and it can be stolen Driver is not required to be killedand the Rhino Tank can be used by another player to escort the Chernobog - Which may need the latter to slow down so the former can catch up - Up to 4 waves of 2 Mesas filled with enemies will attempt to intercept the Chernobog.

The perp concludes when the Chernobog is delivered. No wanted level can be gained for the duration of the prep. Players will arrive at the house of one of Avon's engineers. Lester suggests the players take a stealth approach, though it's not required. There are three guards outside that must be taken out in order to progress inside the house.

Once inside the house, the players must find a supply crate that contains a laptop, which one player should retrieve. In order to remain undetected, it is recommended to do this alone, staying in stealth mode and killing the guards using headshots from a silenced weapon. If this is successful, the laptop can be delivered immediately without any trouble. However, if the guards are alerted in the process, the players will face a 3-star wanted level once they escape, not to mention Cliffford Mercenaries will also send Dubsta6x6s to defeat the players.

They will never give up, and the wanted level must be lost before the laptop can be delivered to the facility. A new soundtrack was mixed for the Doomsday Heist. The soundtrack was created by Oh No and features stems reused and remixed from the original Heists Update to reflect the heists in operation. Three different variations appear, each of which have 2 separate alternative versions which play exclusively during setup work.

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Contents [ show ]. Main article: Setup: Dead Courier. Main article: Setup: Signal Intercepts. Main article: Setup: Server Farm.You can help by adding some relevant images or discussing changes on the talk page. Please remove this template when images are added.

Note: Please remember to follow our image policy in naming and licensing before adding images. Players are in a race against time as they infiltrate a secret doomsday facility that was sealed away for decades within Mount Chiliad before Avon Hertz and Cliffford can launch a nuclear warhead to destroy all of humanity.

Players are tasked to go to a lot in Grapeseedwhere the team can choose from either the Khanjali tank or the Barrage ATV to use in the team's assault of the missile base. The team can only choose one vehicle, with the other being sold to gain an extra amount of cash at the end. Once the team's vehicle is chosen and every player is on board, the team must drive to the tunnel at the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness, where the secret entrance to the missile base will open behind a set of electrical boxes.

The team must use their vehicle to drive through the tunnel, fighting off Avon's men. After reaching the end, the vehicle will be disabled by spikes on the road, where four Juggernauts will ambush the team.

When they are dealt with, the team must move through the base on foot, dealing with more of Avon's men as Cliffford taunts the team. Eventually, there will be a fork in the tunnel, which diverges off into two different areas. In both of these tunnels are a combined total of five supply crates that the team must destroy. Once all five are destroyed, the paths will reconnect. After dealing with more of Avon's men and two more Juggernauts, Cliffford will begin the launch protocol for the warhead.

The team will encounter a locked door, which is opened by Cliffford after he is tricked into opening it by Lester. The team must now go around a large square room and hack into four terminals, which will cripple Cliffford and abort the launch of the warhead.

Once all four are done, the team can go to the top floor, where four Orbital Cannon weapon systems are available to use by all four players. The team must use the cannons to destroy four mobile cloud servers around the state, which will destroy Cliffford once all four are down.

Afterwards, Lester will locate Avon trying to escape. The team must press on through the facility, fighting their way to the silo itself, where Avon escapes with the use of a Thruster jetpack. The team then takes their own Thrusters and gives chase, ultimately shooting Avon down and killing him whilst dealing with several attack helicopters.

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With the deed done, the team regroups at the Galileo Observatorywhere Mrs.After the cut scene, you will see the Act 3 begins on the planning screen. After San Andreas defense systems have been hijacked, your job beings to save agents and stop the build-up of weaponry to save the world from destruction.

As the mission starts you get instructions to steal a bag of money in order to save Agent This money will be use to save the agent. So get to the marked location, and there you have to retrieve a duffle-bag.

GTA Online: Doomsday Heist Act #3 with 3 Players (Elite & Criminal Mastermind III)

This bag is filled with money. Once you reach near the bag, you will see it was sting operation, escape the police and bring the money to facility. This one is a simple mission where you will have to visit the target location and click photos of around 10 spots in the area.

This is the place where a deal for Agent 14 is going to take place. Follow the screen instructions to take photos of the place. This is a bit tough mission, you will have to take a bulletproof car here. You have to visit a shipyard to rescue the agent. There will be many guards in the area, so you have to keep patience here. As you reach the place you will have to rescue the agent. After killing the guards you will have to deal with the juggernauts sent by AI Avon. These juggernaut will be invisible and they will attack with mini-guns.

You can track them down using thermal goggles.

gta 5 doomsday heist act 3

Destroy them. This will be a bit tough fight, as you will be using the goggle to track them down. Take covers from Juggernauts attack, they will spread up fire, that can eat up your health really fast.

Let them shoot first and then attack, next you have to fight the goons. Once done take the agent to the extraction point. You will have to fight your way out, towards the extraction point.

You have to keep fighting the goons and a few more juggernauts in your path, once done, you will get 2 Akulas helicopter nearby. Finally take the agent to the drop off point.

In this mission you have to retrieve a mobile missile launcher. So go to the marked location on the map, and fight with the guards in the location. Once you are done killing the guards you have to get in Chernobog. It is a two-seater missile launcher, but the missiles are disabled.

So take it and drive it to the facility. The vehicle is slow but it is strong, just keep it driving ignoring the one who are chasing you. As you deliver the vehicle to the facility the mission is over. Once you get the location on the map reach the place, it will be some construction yard. There you have to fight with some soldiers, clear the area first.


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